Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Geefter?
Geefter is your go-to gift concierge! We're an on-demand platform to help you find that perfect gift. You take your pick, pay for your gift selection and once that's done, our delivery team is on the way to bring your gift to you. 

2. What does it mean?
It means we do same-day delivery.
However, given we work with a lot of small, local-based business we adjust to their work hours and it can sometimes mean your gift might be delivered the next working day.

3. What if I place my order in the morning?
If you place your order until 16:00 on a work day, you will get that same-day deliver service we offer. 

4. What if I place my order after that time?
It most likely means your gift will be at your door on the following day.

5. I placed my order and paid for it, but the product is unavailable?
We've committed to providing a platform for small, local business, and many of them oftentimes have a low stock on products. Should this happen, we will provide you with alternative options or cancel the purchase you've made.
We care about you finding that perfect gift!